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The Kings of the Castle

When their mentor and founder of The Castle ends up on the business end of an assassination attempt, Grant, Alejandro, Shaz, Mariano, Vikkas, Jai, Daron, Kaleb, and Dwayne are snatched from their daily lives and successful businesses in order to right old wrongs and track down the men responsible for the attempt on his life. This is the beginning of a series of dangerous challenges that will alter the path of their lives forever. Not to mention, it will also draw the ire and deadly intent of current members—dirty politicians, the Russian mafia, American crime lords, and businessmen with their own sordid agendas who have tainted the humanitarian principles the Castle was founded on. These men wield major influence across the globe and have every intention of keeping the current state of things intact. Even if they have to increase Chicago’s body count to do so.​

The powerful men, who were chosen by Khalil Germaine, are unexpectedly brought together by their pasts and current circumstances and will become a force to be reckoned with as they do whatever it takes to bring the Castle back to its original purpose. Fate made them brothers. Protecting the Castle, each other, and the women they love will make them Kings.


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors work together to provide you with a world of romance, suspense, and contemporary fiction, where you'll never want to leave. It's time to discover The Castle.  Book 1 is the introduction to The Castle and the full story of Vikkas and Milan.


Books 2-9 are standalones that can be read in any order.


Book 1–Kings of the Castle (the introduction to the series) 

Book 2–King of Chatham
Book 3–King of Evanston
Book 4–King of Devon
Book 5–King of Morgan Park
Book 6–King of South Shore
Book 7–King of Lincoln Park
Book 8-King of Hyde Park
Book 9– King of Lawndale


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King of Hyde Park Book Cover

Clean Romantic Suspense

King of Hyde Park - Book 8

Alejandro "Dro" Reyes has been a “fixer” for as long as he could remember, which makes owning a crisis management company focused on repairing professional reputations the perfect fit. The same could be said of Lola Samuels, who is only vaguely aware of his true talents and seems totally oblivious to the growing attraction between them. His company, Vantage Point, is in high demand and business in the Windy City is booming. Until a mysterious call following an attempt on his mentor’s life forces him to drop everything and accept a fated position with The Castle which blindsides him with an enemy he never saw coming.

Public relations maven, Lola Samuels, has just been given an impossible task to fix the tarnished image of longtime bad boy, Shawn Mayhew. She reaches out to Dro for assistance, unaware of the underlying tension between the Mayhews and Reyes families. What starts out as a cut and dry working arrangement becomes complicated by danger, ulterior motives, and a fierce heat that won’t be denied.

When Alejandro discovers the lengths that the Mayhews will go to unseat him and ruin his family who has a decades-long affiliation to The Castle, he calls in a few reinforcements of his own from his brother Kings. But there's a hidden agenda that Alejandro doesn't see coming who threatens his life, his woman, and his throne.






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