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Mature Audience

Partners in crime...and in love.

Gabriella Ramsey and Dane Carmichael were excellent partners in business. Their sizzling creativity put their company in hot demand, and eventually ignited in their private lives.

For a few months, Gabby and Dane explore the personal side of their relationship and are blissfully happy, but their love affair ends abruptly, leaving them both reeling to pick up the pieces and salvage their working relationship. The cool business air is a poor facade.

The partners go to great lengths to prove that they are over each other, but they soon are forced to deal with the fears that tore them apart. Gabby and Dane try to find their way back to each other but soon find that for every decision there is a consequence.

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Some things can't be left unsaid.

Victoria Simmons and Harrison Taylor are partners in crime—literally at a prestigious private investigation firm in Washington, D.C. So far they have been just fine with the status quo—until now.

During an investigation, the two are forced together in unexpected circumstances.
What really catches them off guard is the heat that ignites between them. The attraction is undeniable, but so is the danger.

Mature Audience

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Mature Audience

In order to have a future, you have to come to peace with your past.

Stefania Lassister and Marcus Dresden are licensed private investigators at a security consulting firm in Chicago, Illinois. Their work is exciting, dangerous and full of risk and that’s just the way they like it. Stefania has never run from a good challenge, but the hardest one she’s ever faced is getting her partner to lighten up and partake in a little holiday cheer.

Marcus has no use for the holidays. They only remind him of what he’s never truly had; a caring environment with a loving mother and father. Marcus’ father left when he was born, and his mother drowned her sorrows in alcohol. When she dies suddenly, Marcus is left an orphan with no next of kin. Bounced around from family to family, he’s had a hard time believing in happy endings. His growing attraction to Stefania gives him hope for the future, but first he must loosen the grip of his past.

When a night of passion causes Stefania and Marcus to acknowledge their feelings for one another, Marcus realizes the time is right to confront his demons so he can pursue a passionate relationship with Stefania. He goes to his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan to visit his uncle, and confront the foster family that made his childhood a living hell. Marcus soon finds himself in mortal danger from an unknown source.

Stefania drops everything and rushes to help the man she loves, but soon finds herself embroiled in hidden agendas, old feuds and a family secret that will change Marcus’ life forever.

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