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Prequel  to Love Contract
Mature Audience

When a blind date is set up, but the wrong guy shows up.

Justin Langley’s best friend, Adrian, is determined not to be a pawn in his mother’s love matching scheme. When she sets up a blind date for him, Adrian decides to teach her a lesson; he stands his date up! Intent on doing the right thing, Justin goes to the restaurant to break the date for his friend but gets more than he reckoned for.

Coping with the recent death of her mother and being jilted by her fiancé leaves Sabrina Ridgemont emotionally fragile. At her family’s insistence, Sabrina agrees to go out on a blind date that will change her life forever.

A chance meeting with Sabrina’s ex-fiancé causes Justin to make a rash decision and before the evening ends, he’s assumed his best friend’s identity, met the woman of his dreams and felt the sparks being reciprocated. Now what?

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