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2nd Edition Coming 11/21/2023

Watch Your Back Full Book Cover
Danger isn't always in plain sight...sometimes you have to Watch Your Back.

Devon Mitchell’s past is tormenting him, and his future is uncertain.
Plagued with the thought that he was responsible for his girlfriend’s death, he goes into seclusion at his uncle’s farm. Through unexpected news from home, Devon learns his beloved grandmother’s art gallery in Washington, D.C., is in financial trouble. Determined to save it, he conducts an undercover investigation from inside the gallery as the new art director.

Jayde Seaton is enraged when an outsider shows up to take the job she thought was rightfully hers. Determined to prove Devon is too inexperienced to take her place, Jayde sets out to make his work life miserable. 

Tensions between them spark intense heat. Eventually, Devon and Jayde enter
into a complicated relationship. As the two grow closer, Devon realizes that someone is out for revenge and he’s the primary target —leading him to the truth about the person responsible for his girlfriend’s death. Now Devon must find a way to protect Jayde so she
doesn’t suffer the same fate as the last woman who got too close to him.

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