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The Merry Hearts Inspirational Series!

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Bible stories told in an amazing fiction format that is reflective of the author’s real-life experiences. Throughout scripture, God's love for women and everyone—no matter ethnic background or gender—may be found, from Genesis to Revelation. May you come to know His love in an authentic, tangible way. 

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Two women discover that with God's grace, soul-wrenching heartbreak can lead to a remarkable journey of self-discovery.


Naomi, and her daughter-in-law, Ruth, find the present filled with personal tragedy and the future too painful to bear. For these widows, remaining in Moab without their husbands or next-of-kin would be fraught with peril. Together, they place their trust in the Lord and begin a journey back to Naomi's homeland that alters the course of their lives and secures Ruth's place in history.


When God speaks, you'd better listen.

The Lord will never guide you down a path without first lining up all the tools and the people you will need to aid you in your journey. When Jesus showed up and intervened in my life amid my divorce, I had more questions than answers but learned to trust that His path for my life was much more rewarding than my own.

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What Readers are Saying...

The author has such details about Dro's James Bond type lifestyle that I could picture all the cloak and dagger vividly in my mind.

Amazon Reviewer for King of Hyde Park

This King's adventure had me book for one sitting!!!

Dro and Lola was "fire" from jump with an amazing chemistry. The author has such details about Dro's James Bond type lifestyle that I could picture all the cloak and dagger vividly in my mind. She added the other Kings into the story that you didn't miss a beat in the continuing of this awesome series.

~Marshal - Amazon 5-Star Review for King of Hyde Park

The intrigue and danger factor are off the charts in this novel. Skullduggery and mayhem which include blackmail and kidnapping make this a fast and compelling read. The chemistry between Dro and Lola, the relationship with his brothers, the hi-octane action, plus the satisfying outcome, make King of Hyde Park an interesting and satisfying read.

~J.L. Campbell - Amazon 5-Start Review for King of Hyde Park


I can usually pick the bad guy before I’ve read two chapters, and the fact that it took me almost the end of the book, means a good read.

~Janice Jones - Amazon 5-Star Review for Interview with Danger


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