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Welcome to my website! I'm delighted you're here. As a passionate romance author, I write across multiple genres, all celebrating the values of family, friendship, and love. My hope is that you'll connect with my characters, find them memorable, and see yourself rooting for their journeys through life's twists and turns. Dive in, explore, and enjoy the heartfelt stories that await you.

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Emma Awards for Lisa Dodson's novel, Six Days to Live

My thanks to RSJ Convention

Judges and the many readers that read and voted for Six Days to Live!

What an honor to now be an Award-Winning Author!


I'm a National Bestselling Author and an Amazon #1 bestselling author of over nineteen novels in the Multicultural, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Sweet Romance, and Clean Read genres. Published by Harlequin and Kensington publishing houses and indie published, I write positive, realistic characters that I hope readers can connect with while enjoying my books.

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What Readers are Saying...


This is action packed from start to finish and keeps you on the edge of your seat! I definitely recommend this thriller by Lisa Dodson.

~Ms. Blessed Cecil - Amazon 5-Star Review for The Bodyguard's Deadly Mission

Great and exciting story. The action was continuous along with a blossoming romance. Just the right balance of suspense. Great writing.

~Amazon Verified Customer- Amazon 5-Star Review for The Bodyguard's Deadly Mission


Hurt from losing her two bffs to tragedy Alexa King, makes a life changing decision. Starts her own company, then falls head first into danger.Andrew Ruler is willing to help. Will past hurts and mis trust cause Alexa her life and the life of others?

~Toni Bonita - Amazon 5-Star Review for The Bodyguard's Deadly Mission

I must say I enjoyed reading Six days to Live. Coulter had me wondering from the beginning what would happen next. Well written by a great author Lisa Dodson. I recommend others read this great book to see what happens. The characters had great story lines.

~Angela Lackey - Amazon 5-Star Review for Six Days to Live

Colonel Counter McKendrick, does special undercover assignments for the government. As he and his team are about to complete an assignment, he is injected with a serum that is killing him. The only person he trusts is his former love , Marena Dash , a brilliant researcher and scientist, to find the antidote that will save his life. This novel had everything, intrigue, suspense, romance and happy ever after. The author, Lisa Dodson is a favorite of mine. She does a lot of research into the characters specific careers. The scientific terms for the pharmaceuticals and the military terms made this story very realistic. I fell in love with all the characters and hope that Lucas will get his own story and that we will find out who killed Lucas' and Marena's mother.

~Robin Holland - Amazon 5-Star Review for Six Days to Live

I loved that there was plenty of close calls and mishaps and it was hard to know who to trust when it came to this book. Then there was the whole stress of it all put on Marena trying to save Coulters life by finding the antidot but she was a pretty resourceful women who got connections so if anyone was gonna save him it would be her. Overall great book I really enjoyed it.

~Essentially Bookish - Amazon Review for Six Days to Live

I started reading the book after a friend told me how good it was. I was not disappointed. I read it in two days and only because I had to force myself to do other things including sleeping. It is a very action-packed book and not too lovey-dovey! I’d love to see it as a movie 

~Yetunde Bandele - Amazon 5-Star Review for Six Days to Live


I can usually pick the bad guy before I’ve read two chapters, and the fact that it took me almost the end of the book, means a good read.

~Janice Jones - Amazon 5-Star Review for Interview with Danger

Dro is a stubborn, passionate workaholic who loves his family, and never really considered falling in actual love with a woman until Lola walked into his life. They really are a match made in heaven, if they don’t end up in heaven before they actually become a match. Dro is a fixer and doesn’t sit till, often finding himself in the literal line of Fire. This is how he ends up on Lola’s doorstep. End story. Except not. This book is packed with action, danger, love and passion. It’s a fast and exciting read and it will make you wish you were part of the Reyes family. You will enjoy!

~Lori Hays - Amazon 5-Star Review for King of Hyde Park

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